Uche James-Iroha

Uche James-Iroha was born in 1972. He studied Sculpture at the University of Port Harcourt, graduating in 1995. A year later, he became interested in photography and has since exhibited extensively in Nigeria and around the world. The Prince Claus Fund, a Netherlands-based organization that promotes inter-cultural exchange, has described James-Iroha as the “Leading light of a new generation of Nigerian photographers.”

In his diverse work, he fuses the creative language of imagery with the documentation of everyday reality while addressing wide-ranging issues from economic imperialism to the brutal relationships, which exist between races, social class and gender. He is also the director of Photo Garage, which offers an indigenous platform for domestic and global intellectual photography exchanges. He is also the director of Depth of Field (DOF), a photography collective based in Lagos. James-Iroha has been honored with the Elan Prize at the African Photography Encounters in Mali, 2005 for his work Fire, Flesh, and Blood, as well as the Prince Claus Award, 2008 for his work in supporting young artists and promoting photography as an art form in Nigeria.

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