Juliana Kasumu

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Birmingham City University, Kasumu created an on-going series exploring traditional hair statements within the Yoruba tribe in West Africa. Images from the ‘Irun Kiko’ series have received international acclaim, most recently being awarded the Renaissance Photography Prize 2015 for Best Single Image and making the shortlist for the D&AD Next Photographer Awards. Irun Kiko, based on Kasumu’s final year dissertation, served as the springboard for her career as a visual artist. Kasumu is committed to researching and sharing ideas that promote West African culture through photography, publications, and public programming.

In her most recent body of work, From Moussor to Tignon, Kasumu further expands on her cultural investigations from behind the lens. While serving as the 2016 Olaju International Artist-in-Residence, she has been able to develop both research and traditional, film developing techniques. Working towards reaching a larger audience of women sharing similar stories has been a driving force behind her creative direction. As a contemporary artist, Juliana Kasumu provides viewers the opportunity to engage with images that demystify preconceptions of black women and their bodies.

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